On average, we will get back to you within three business days after you submit your writing sample.
Please check the Terms of Use section to understand the main terms of our cooperation.
You can reapply in 1 year, since we believe it takes time to improve the writing skills.
The payment period starts every 1st and 15th and lasts for 5 days.
Please wait till the end of the payment period. If you did not receive your payment within this time, please contact support at [email protected]
Currently we can offer you Payoneer as the only payment method. Make sure to register your account in advance to get paid on time. We are constantly working on the improvement of our services, therefore, PayPal option might be available shortly.
You can do it 3 days prior to the payment period by contacting the support team at [email protected]. All late requests will not be processed till another payment period. Please be aware that not each request can be approved so be ready to go through the verification procedure.
The money is reflected in your balance only after the customer Approves the paper. If the customer left your order unapproved, do not worry – in 7 days it will become Autoapproved, and the payment will be added to your balance.
Requirements can be updated from time to time. The main criteria are:
  • your rating;
  • the number of pages/slides/problems completed within the current month;
  • the number of fines;
  • availability over the phone;
  • helping with urgent/complicated assignments.
+15% to the payment;

Priority in assigning expensive orders.
Yes, in cases described in our fines policy fines can be applied.