Blog Tips And Tricks Of Working With A Support Team To Avoid Fines

Tips And Tricks Of Working With A Support Team To Avoid Fines

Nov 02, 2018, 01.42 PM

One of the few downsides of freelance academic writing is the threat of fines. You can lose your whole payment if you submit the work late, or the client requests a refund. If you dont want to get in trouble, working with a support team will help you avoid most of the fines. Today well cover some situations you might find yourself in, and explain how to resolve them without losing your hard-earned money.

You Wont Be Able To Complete The Order On Time

Timely delivery is one of the most important principles of every writing agency. Therefore, if you submit the work after the deadline, you will get fined or fired. To avoid problems, follow our guideline.

  1. Before you take an order, make sure you can complete it on time. If you are very interested but dont know whether you will have enough time to write the paper before the deadline, DO NOT take an order.
  2. If you have started working on the paper, but circumstances have changed, and you cant finish on time, immediately contact the support team. The best time to do it is before half of the deadline has passed, otherwise, you will be fined. The earlier you retract from the order, the less your risk of getting a fine is. With enough time to spare the support team will be able to find another writer for the client.
  3. If more than 50% of the deadline has passed, when you realize you wont be able to complete the work, reach out to your manager. The longer you wait, the more problems you will cause for yourself and the writing company. You might get fined, but at least it will be for retracting from the order, rather than for poor quality, lateness, or even plagiarism.

You Have Fallen Ill, Or You Want To Take A Break

Your writing job is freelance, so you are free to go on vacation or take sick days, as long as you dont keep this information to yourself. Remember, that support managers should always be able to reach you. If you plan to go off the grid for a while, notify your manager and estimate the date of your return to work.

In case you suddenly fall ill while working on the order, and you wont be able to complete it, contact the support team. Upload the parts of the paper you have already written. The sooner you retract from the order, the less is your chance of getting fined.

You Want To Work While On A Vacation

If you plan a working vacation, you can still take orders, provided that you will have access to your phone and a stable Internet connection. It is always a good idea to inform your support manager about the changes in your whereabouts and the length of the trip. Be sure to stay in touch, since your clients might require urgent answers or provide extra details for the order.

If you have any doubts about your ability to complete orders on time without sacrificing the papers quality while on vacation, do not take new orders. Complete your tasks before leaving and enjoy your holiday. When you come back home, you will be rested, relaxed and able to quickly complete high-quality papers.

You Want To Dispute The Fine

Sometimes life happens, and you get fined. If you were in the wrong, submitting the paper too late, forgetting about proper citation style or ignoring some of the clients requirements, you will have to deal with the fine. However, if you feel that the fine was not fair, you can dispute it and provide an explanatory message for your manager. He or she will review the information about your order and make the final decision on reversing the fine.

Support manager is your best friend. You can always reach out to the writer support team with any questions or troubles, and they will help you find a suitable solution. To avoid fines, communicate with your manager, think ahead and, most importantly, do not take the order, if you cant write an original and high-quality paper on time.

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