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Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Academic Writing Orders

Dec 14, 2018, 01.21 PM

Writing academic papers is hard. Writers have to deal with high-maintenance clients, make sure their works are original and free of plagiarism, proofread and edit every page until they are free of mistakes. Why bother, if you can easily find other writers to do the work for you? Outsourcing the orders can make or break your career. We are here to help you carefully consider the consequences of this decision.

When Outsourcing Can Be To Your Advantage

We have already discussed how you can avoid fines while working as a freelance academic writer. Still, life happens, and in some situations, you are willing to look for outside help with some orders to avoid troubles and maintain your professional reputation.

You Cant Complete The Work Before The Deadline

You have miscalculated the amount of time needed to complete the paper. There is no time to step down and pass the order to other writers through the support managers. You know a couple of good writers willing to help you out. One of them can finish the paper right on time. The customer gets his or her essay before the deadline, and you share your earnings with the helpful friend. You have avoided fines and other troubles.

You Are Not Qualified To Write The Paper

You see an order with a pay too good to pass up and decide to take it, despite the confusing paper parameters. After taking a closer look, you realize, you wont be able to finish the paper in time, and the quality will be substandard. You could step down from the order and let your colleagues give it a try. Instead, you decide to take matters into your own hands and find a freelancer to do the job. It will surely save you from getting on the customers bad side. And no one needs to know you were not the one to write the paper. Its a win-win situation.

You Want To Earn Some Easy Money

There is always someone willing to do the work for less money. So you decide to earn some extra money without actually writing anything. Just outsource the paper to another writer and wait for it to be complete to get your payment. You can take this a step further and outsource all orders to different freelancers. Even if the difference between your rate and your employees rate is small, you can make a hefty sum each month by taking on many orders.

These reasons may be enough to sway some academic writers to outsource their work. However, before you go looking for cheap freelance writers, learn about the troubles awaiting you down this road.

When Outsourcing Turns Into A Disaster

In an ideal world, there would be endless strings of freelance writers outsourcing their orders to each other. In reality, a good writer is an endangered species. Trustworthy freelancers are few and far between, and getting stuck with an irresponsible writer will cost you a great deal of pain. Here are just some hurdles you might face in the quest for outsourcing your academic writing orders.

You Cant Find A Qualified Writer

There are millions of freelance writers seeking work online. But not all of them have skills and experience needed to create high-quality academic papers. To find good writers, you will need to register at successful freelance websites, like UpWork. You will have to spend days on creating job listings and communicating with potential writers. You will also need to evaluate their test pieces and choose the ones who are the most promising. Be aware, that experienced writers seek well-paying gigs, so dont be surprised if you cant find a freelancer willing to write quality papers for pennies. As a result, you will waste valuable time searching for writers instead of earning hard cash doing the job you were hired to complete.

You Waste Time Editing The Badly-Written Papers

You must have written many test pieces in your time as a freelance writer. So you know that writers always work a tad bit harder on these assignments, wishing to make a favorable first impression. You can expect the same treatment from the freelancers to whom you outsource the work. If you have made the wrong choice, you will need to spend hours editing the poorly-written or plagiarized papers. And if you fail to check them before submitting to the customer, there is always a chance of getting a hefty fine. You will either have to sacrifice your time or the money and reputation.

You Cant Reach The Writer When The Order Is Due

After all the time you have wasted looking for the right writer to do your job it is disheartening to lose contact the day the paper is due. Even the professional writers sometimes go dark, refusing all contact. And if you cant reach them, you wont be able to upload the finished work on time. Therefore, you are at risk of getting fined. And if you fail to provide the paper altogether, you can even get fired. Either way, your professional reputation will take a hit.

Of course, there are definite advantages to outsourcing freelance writing jobs. You can save time, earn some extra cash and improve your reputation. On the other hand, you risk getting fined or fired from the writing agency, if you supply customers with unsatisfying papers. The rule of thumb is to take orders only if you can complete them before the deadline and to the best of your ability.

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