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How to Write High-Quality Academic Papers?

Feb 22, 2019, 08.39 PM

No one knows better than you how to write good papers for high school and college students. But if you want to make a career as a freelance academic writer, you need to step up your game. When you continuously provide high-quality papers, your clients are happy, so you get more orders. The more satisfied clients you get, the higher your ranking in the company becomes. That’s how you get paid more for doing the same amount of work. Here are a few reminders for keeping the clients happy and your earnings at an all-time high.

Understand The Requirements

You can’t expect your client to be happy with a five-paragraph reflective essay if he or she needed a ten-page case study. Reading instructions is an essential part of being a successful academic writer. The better you understand the client’s needs, the less chance there is that you will have to make free revisions. Getting fined or fired is also a possibility if you disappoint one client too many.

Ask the client some pointed questions if there isn’t enough information for you to go on. Don’t make assumptions; you can never know what the professor is expecting from a student unless you are provided with the full text of an assignment. When writing the paper, keep the order’s parameters in mind: the volume, the academic level, the deadline and formatting style.

Set Away Enough Time

High-quality writing can’t be rushed. Sometimes you might get orders with a 6-hour deadline, and while you can complete a small essay in this time, extensive academic works require more time. So don’t fall into the trap of a higher rate when you see an order for a Masters thesis needed in two days.

Remember that most academic works require extensive prewriting. You’ll have to find credible sources, read them, take notes and analyze new information. The writing itself might take as little as a few hours, but you should know better than to send the completed paper to the client right away. Give yourself enough time to rest your mind and eyes and come back after a break to edit and proofread the essay. High-maintenance clients can send the paper for revision over a single typo or a misspelled word.

Select Credible Sources

Always inquire whether the paper should come with both paper and electronic references. Most professors do not allow students to cite websites exclusively. So you’ll need to get acquainted with, ResearchGate, and Google Scholar if you haven’t already. More and more journals provide online access to the majority of their articles, so you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home to get printed sources.

Still, pay close attention to the journals’ and websites’ reputation. Wikipedia is not considered to be a credible source in academia; neither are blogs and social media unless the paper discusses them directly. Choose recent publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books by experts in the field. And never include biased information that can ruin the paper’s objective tone.

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Balance Citations And Analysis

The client is paying you to produce original work, not a collection of quotes from sources, however credible they are. Teachers expect to see their students analyze and synthesize sources and provide their own input. At least 60% of the paper should be original. Don’t just include quotes and summaries in between your analysis. Explain why you have chosen these exact words, and how they support your claims.

Always remember to cite the sources you use correctly. Any piece of data or quote that you forget to reference can be construed as plagiarism. As a result, your client can get accused of academic dishonesty and fail the class or even get suspended or expelled. So be very careful using the sources and cite them according to the client’s preferred style, be it MLA, APA or Chicago.

Understanding your client’s needs, choosing credible sources and providing in-depth analysis are essential skills you should master if you want to succeed as a freelance academic writer. But most importantly, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare and write. If you rush into new orders every day, very soon you’ll feel the first signs of burnout, and your career will be over before it starts.

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